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When your firm needs a professional forensic toxicologist as an expert witness, you want to have a person with experience, education, and publications, on your side. I am that professional forensic toxicologist. I assist attorneys in the evaluation and interpretation of toxicology data and symptomology.

My successes have led to recognition as a qualified expert witness in both state and federal courts. My areas of specialization include:

Alcohol and driving
Drugs and driving
Interaction of drugs with alcohol and effects on driving
Pharmacology of drugs of abuse
Forensic Toxicology
Case review of arrest reports and DRE report

I know the research-scholarship side of this field, having been a former professor of toxicology (University of Texas Medical School, Houston), teaching classes in clinical and analytical toxicology. I know the private sector side of the field, having been CEO of Pacific Toxicology Laboratories in Los Angeles and its acquired subsidiary, Forensic Toxicology Associates, for 14 years. And, I know the judicial side of this field, having created my own forensic toxicology consulting firm, uniquely focused upon testimony and training. I have testified consistently for 5 years for both prosecution and defense in criminal cases and on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases.

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